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Erb’s Palsy is similar to Cerebral Palsy, in that it is a common birth injury that often results in permanent damage. Whereas Cerebral Palsy affects a person’s neck and head, Erb’s Palsy instead affects an individual’s arm and shoulder. If you or a loved one has been injured by Erb’s Palsy a doctor may be responsible for the condition. Please call a skilled Denver Medical Malpractice lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Erb’s Palsy occurs when the baby’s shoulder is lodged behind the mother’s cervix during delivery, resulting in enormous pressure being placed on the fragile young being’s shoulder. As a result, the shoulder suffers from major nerve damage that can cause partial or complete paralysis of the arm. This injury is often permanent. It is also preventable and doctors are trained how to prevent this devastating injury. If the doctor responsible for you or your loved one’s birth failed to properly care for the woman and baby during delivery, please call your Denver Erbs Palsy attorney as soon as possible.

Erb’s Palsy is often obvious after the birth, as the baby will refuse to move the arm and leave it at his or her side. In some situations, the nerves will heal themselves. In other cases, the arm will require exercise, physical therapy or surgery to treat the condition. If there is more than one damaged nerve, multiple surgeries may be required. All of these treatments are generally most effective when performed while the child is between five and twelve months old. These treatments can quickly add up and will not always work. If your child has been suffering from Erb’s Palsy, the hospital and doctor should be liable for these expenses –not your family. Call the Law Offices of Denver's Medical Malpractice Attorney to discuss your potential case with a skilled Denver Medical Malpractice if you have any questions.

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When your child is suffering from Erb’s Palsy, you do have legal options to seek compensation. These injuries are completely avoidable and the staff members who fail to use proper birthing methods should be held responsible for their mistakes. Your family could be entitled to damages for medical expenses, physical therapy, lost movement of the limb, emotional suffering, the child’s pain and more. Call our offices today to talk with a top Denver Medical Malpractice lawyer.