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Colorado Undiagnosed Associated Conditions Lawyer

Two diseases that usually occur together are known as associated diseases. A common example of associated diseases would include heart disease being paired with hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes. Because these diseases occur so frequently together, doctors are supposed to automatically test for related diseases when they discover one condition that is commonly associated with another. If you or a loved one was suffering from a disease associated with something you were already diagnosed, yet the doctor failed to recognize it, you could be entitled to damages. Please contact a skilled Denver medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

In many cases, undiagnosed associated conditions can lead to serious complications, illnesses, injuries and, even death. When these problems arise simply because a doctor was negligent in his or her duties, the patient and family have the right to claim compensation for any pain and suffering they have experienced due to this lack of reasonable care. A Denver medical malpractice lawyer can help ensure the victim and his or her loved ones receive damages for the medical expenses, lost wages, lost quality of life, pain, suffering, lost companionship, disfigurement, disability, and any other related losses they have suffered.

Our Denver Medical Malpractice Attorney Will Expose Negligence

There are many reasons some diseases are associated with one another, but some of the more common reasons include one disease being a risk factor for the other, an underlying disease causes the related conditions, one disease is only a symptom or complication of the other. Whatever the reason your diseases are related though, if an average doctor put in your doctor’s place would have tested for the associated disease or condition while your doctor did not, you have a medical malpractice case. Your practice.html can prove that your doctor failed to provide the standard accepted level of care for a person in your situation.

At The Law Office of Denver's Medical Malpractice Attorney, we have experience handling all types of associated disease cases. A skilled Denver medical malpractice lawyer from our firm has experience dealing with in an array of medical malpractice cases involving undiagnosed associated diseases, including similar autoimmune disorders and diseases based around obesity and the blood system.