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One of the most negligent and most angering forms of medical malpractice is wrong site surgery, which occurs when a surgeon mistakenly performs a surgery on the wrong person or body part. While some victims of this type of surgery are only inconvenienced by the major mistake, many suffer from serious complications or injuries and many more die. Every surgery is a risk and when someone is subjected to wrong site surgery, they are put at risk for no reason whatsoever. If you or a loved one was victimized when a surgeon performed a surgery on the wrong person or wrong body part, please call a skilled Denver medical malpractice attorney to discuss your potential case.

While there are many reasons that wrong site surgery may have occurred, there is no excuse for this grave form of medical malpractice. Common problems that result in this error include poor communication between the nurses and surgical team, gross inattention and negligence, improper note taking on the part of the doctor who made the initial surgical recommendation. Whatever the reason you or a loved one suffered from wrong site surgery, your Denver medical malpractice lawyer can help you find out who was responsible and hold the entire medical center responsible for the mistake.

Wrong site surgery will often lead to injuries that will require additional medical treatments, removal of healthy body parts, disability or death. Most victims will be burdened with additional medical bills to correct or treat the problem, as well as major therapy bills for the time spent working through the pain of this mistake. Your Denver medical malpractice attorney should be able to help you recover damages to cover your pain, suffering, disability, lost wages, lost mobility, decreased quality of life, medical expenses and more. In cases where gross negligence was at hand, you may also be able to get punitive damages.

If you or a loved one were involved in a wrong site surgery, you have the right to compensation. Please call The Law Office of Titus Peterson and schedule a consultation with a top Denver medical malpractice lawyer.