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Denver surgical errors attorney

Denver Surgical Errors Attorney

Lawyer for Surgical Error Cases in Denver, Colorado

Lawyer for surgical error cases in Denver, Colorado

234 million surgeries take place around the world every year, and this statistic only takes into account major surgeries. That means one in 25 people will have a major surgery every year. While surgical errors are statistically rare, with this many procedures going on, even a small percentage of error results in thousands of injuries and numerous deaths yearly. What’s worse is that approximately half of all surgical errors are preventable.

When you are considering filing for malpractice, it is important to know that not all surgical errors are actually malpractice and of those that are, they must be permanent, severe or fatal to be brought as a med mal injury case in Denver. For example, if you received a minor infection, it would not be grounds for a lawsuit. If, on the other hand, a surgeon left a medical instrument inside of your abdomen, causing deadly internal ruptures, you would have a very legitimate case.

Our Denver Medical Malpractice Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

When surgical errors are severe enough to become medical malpractice claims in Colorado, it is crucial to hire a quality Denver surgical errors attorney to represent you. These cases are complex and hospitals and insurance companies have excellent legal representation to protect themselves. In cases where the patient will almost certainly win, the corporations will usually offer settlements significantly lower than a courtroom would deem adequate damages. That is why it is of utmost importance to hire someone with years of experience providing medical malpractice representation in Denver, CO.

The Law Office of Denver Medical Malpractice Attorney has exclusively provided help to victims of malpractice for the last ten years. We offer free initial consultations, so call today to speak with a top Denver surgical errors attorney.