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Over 20% of all Americans are obese, which is why radical weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass procedures. In 2005 alone, over 140,000 of these procedures were performed. Unfortunately, these surgeries are relatively new and incredibly complex, which means they can be highly risky. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed after undergoing a gastric bypass, please call a skilled Denver medical malpractice attorney from The Law Office of Titus Peterson.

While all surgeries have some level of risk, gastric bypasses are some of the most dangerous procedures being performed today. A recent study found that two percent of patients die within 30 days of their treatment and a total of five percent of patients will have died within the year. That means 700 of the gastric bypass patients in 2005 would have died as a direct result of the procedure and thousands more would have been injured. If you or a loved one has experienced a mistake that lead to serious injury or death, you have the right to take action against the medical professionals that negligently caused the disaster. A Denver medical malpractice lawyer can help.

The most frequent complications that affect gastric bypass patients include infections, excessive bleeding, internal leakage of stomach contents, abscesses and hernias. These are all very serious dangers and it is up to your team of medical professionals to aggressively monitor for these problems and present a speedy and efficient treatment when they are observed. Failure to do so makes the team liable for your or your loved one’s injuries. Your Denver medical malpractice attorney can help you find a top medical professional to help uncover the cause of the patient’s suffering and how it could have been avoided.

By filing a lawsuit against the medical staff that caused the injury, you will not only receive money to cover all of your past and future medical expenses, but also your lost wages, pain and emotional suffering. On top of everything else, by working with a Denver medical malpractice lawyer to file a suit, you will be sending a message that medical professionals are required to do everything they can to help prevent these injuries.

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