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Denver Unsanitary Conditions Lawyer

Hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes and other medical facilities are required to be clean and hygienic in order to prevent the spread of disease and infection. When the premises become unsanitary and result in complications and diseases, those responsible need to be held liable for any damages they have caused. If you have been victimized by unsanitary conditions, please contact a top Denver medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, unsanitary conditions are becoming a growing problem in hospitals in the United States and these conditions are one of the leading causes of infections acquired in healthcare facilities. Common consequences of unsanitary conditions include the spreading of dangerous maladies, including STDs, and infections, particularly staph infections. In many cases, the unsanitary conditions can be invisible to the naked eye, making it impossible for an average person to recognize the dangerous area they or their loved ones may be entering. If you have caught a disease or infection and believe it may be from unsanitary conditions, your Denver medical malpractice lawyer can help uncover evidence showing how unhygienic the medical facility is.

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Some of the most common reasons for unhygienic conditions include improper sterilization of equipment, staff coming to work while sick, unclean staff clothes, staff failing to use clean gloves as frequently as needed, failure to disinfect floors and counters, staff failure to wash hands sufficiently, failure to change bed sheets as often as necessary, and improper collection and storage of hazardous materials. If you noticed any of these conditions during your visit to the medical facility, your Denver medical malpractice attorney can use this as a starting point for your case.

Medical facilities are legally responsible for the hygienic condition of their hallways, work surfaces, beds and other areas. If you or a loved one was harmed due to unsanitary conditions, a Denver medical malpractice lawyer from The Law Office of Denver's Medical Malpractice Attorney can help you send a powerful message to medical providers that this lack of care will not be tolerated.