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Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney in Denver


When any form of cancer is misdiagnosed, the result can be deadly, but when the disease is breast cancer the risks are some of the highest. Breast cancer is a treatable form of cancer, but when diagnosis is delayed too long, it may spread to the point where it can no longer be treated. Unfortunately, this is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed forms of cancer, resulting in the suffering of thousands of women every year. If you have suffered due to a misdiagnosis of breast cancer, please contact a skilled Denver medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

Delaying treatment for breast cancer can result in delayed treatment or absolutely no treatment. The result can be more invasive and risky procedures to treat the cancer than would have been necessary if the cancer was detected early on, or death from cancer that has spread too far to be treatable. Because the risk is so serious, this type of medical malpractice results in some of the highest compensations for victims who file claims against the hospital staff or doctors who have injured them. If you have breast cancer and have been wrongly diagnosed, please call The Law Offices of Denver's Medical Malpractice Attorney and schedule your free initial consultation with a top Denver medical malpractice lawyer.

An equally risky, although less common, misdiagnosis problem occurs when a woman does not have cancer, but is told she does. When this occurs, the patient may undergo surgery, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, dangerous medication regiments, and more. If you or a loved one has suffered through this traumatic experience, please call a Denver medical malpractice attorney at once.

Medical professionals should verify a condition before ruling it out as a possibility or moving on to a treatment plan. For this reason, women who are misdiagnosed in regards to breast cancer are entitled to compensation with the help of a Denver medical malpractice lawyer. Common reasons for breast cancer misdiagnosis include:

If you have fallen victim to any of these problems, please call our offices today.