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Lawyer for nursing malpractice cases in Denver, Colorado

Lawyer for Nursing Malpractice Cases in Denver, Colorado

Denver Nursing Malpractice Attorney

Denver nursing malpractice attorney

In the last decade, nursing errors have increased steadily, resulting in the injury of over 10,000 patients and the death of 2,000. Studies have shown that 30 percent of registered nurses were aware that they made at least one mistake in the last month and that nurses are interrupted an average of six times every hour. The nurses are not necessarily at fault for these accidents, but rather, the inadequate nursing staff common at most health organizations. Many hospitals require mandatory overtime from registered nurses and hire nursing “aids” to help fill the need for hospital staff. Unfortunately, studies show that errors are three times as likely to occur after a nurse has worked 12.5 hours and aids (who often make up to a third of the nursing staff) have little medical training and frequently lack even a high school diploma.

Is it any wonder there are so many errors common in the nursing industry? Common nursing errors that have become subject of medical malpractice claims in Colorado that a Denver nursing malpractice attorney can help you with include:

If you or a loved one was injured or killed by a careless or negligent member of the nursing staff, there is recourse. Contact a skilled Denver nursing malpractice lawyer from our law office today. We have over ten years experience seeking compensation for victims of nursing errors. Our firm offers top medical malpractice representation in Denver, CO.

If you have any questions about filing a med mal injury case in Denver, contact our offices today to schedule a free initial consultation with an expert Denver medical malpractice attorney.